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We get it — you need to outpace the competition, but not your budget. With decades of tech leadership expertise, we'll guide your venture from concept to acquisition with our tested startup roadmap.

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Our Strategy

Ready to transform the theoretical into your technological triumph? Here’s how:

Product from Zero to Launch

Accelerate your product development with access to our playbook - a proven technology roadmap that refines your concept, designs your MVP, and propels your product towards the finish line.

Tech Leadership

From daily oversight of your team to hands-on technical architecture of your software, we'll boost efficiency and streamline processes while retaining and expanding your tech talent.

Tech Recruiting

We'll build the team with the skills you need, within your budget. We're experts at finding skilled offshore developers who deliver quality results. And, when you're ready for a full-time CTO, we'll help you find the right fit.

Fractional CISO

Engage our experienced security team to pen test, conduct readiness assessments, manage a SOC2 audit, and prepare you for enterprise customers.

Our Results

See how startups like yours have accelerated their journey to market with us in the driver's seat.

Bomee Jung, Founder @ Cadence OneFive

I have known Reuben for over 25 years, and he is not only a person of great integrity but also an exceptional engineering leader. Reuben's support has been crucial in establishing our development team, from hiring our first outside engineers to our Head of Engineering post pre-seed. As a social enterprise with a climate justice mission and a horizontal management philosophy, we had some unique cultural requirements in addition to needing top-notch engineering skills. Reuben took all of this into consideration and conducted efficient, rapid recruitments to find us individuals who have been a perfect fit for our organization. Due to his technical expertise, excellent listening skills, and flexibility, Reuben has filled various roles for us as our needs have evolved, including overseeing the SOC2 process as our fractional CISO. His versatility and dedication have been invaluable to our company's growth and success.

Steve Richard, SVP @ Mediafly, Founder @ ExecVision

Reuben is the rare CTO who is great at talking with customers and really listening. We met after a lengthy search for our first CTO at ExecVision. He is great pulling together remote engineering teams to collaborate effectively. He's also incredible getting his hands dirty in the code. Reuben's team punched way above their weight class especially given the limited resources we provided them. They cranked out more functionality in our product than teams 3x their size. It was a small but mighty group - exactly what our business needed. I knew nothing about software development prior to Reuben. He patiently taught me everything I know about the crazy SaaS product development process. I owe a great deal to him. We never would have exited the business without Reuben's technology leadership. I highly recommend him.

David Stillman, Founder @ Vorsight, Founder @ Stori Inc

I hired Reuben as an outsourced CTO, but quickly realized how critical he was to the business. I was able to convince Reuben to join ExecVision full time and he became my technical cofounder. Reuben is an architect and a hands on CTO. He is willing and able to speak with customers and prospects to understand their needs and translate that back into a complete product vision. He can also jump on a call anytime as a technical resource and outperform most salespeople. He has a natural ability to guide and motivate his team which was especially critical with the speed of development we needed to compete in our SaaS category. I can't wait to start another company with Reuben as my cofounder. I highly recommend him.

Daniel Schley, Founder, York Run

Reuben is brilliant. He proved invaluable in helping me (a non-technical founder) take the first step with my startup. He quickly understood complicated specifications, created an implementation plan and after conducting rigorous interview processes single-handedly put together a talented team of developers. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with him and would welcome the opportunity again in the future.

El Young, Co-Founder, Stream Bean AI

4rc.io and Reuben have been instrumental in helping us navigate the difficult challenges of launching a tech startup. The wisdom and guidance we've received have helped us to avoid the costly pitfalls of new companies. The expertise he shared with us also helped us to engineer solutions to big problems and gave us a solid roadmap for the infrastructure of our business model. As a result, we've been able to achieve product-market fit with paying customers in less than a year.

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